OXLEY Piattaforme S.r.l. has gained thirty years of experience in maintenance and technical assistance. Thanks to this competence, combined with our dynamism and flexibility, we are able to carry out accurate failure research, detecting repairs of damaged parts of all kinds in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic fields, aerial platforms and operating vehicles in the minimum time necessary.

Parts and assistance center


We are equipped with Mobile Workshops with which we provide complete technical assistance directly on site, timely and effective. The goal of minimizing downtime and its consequent restarting.
Our collaborators are among the best on the market, constantly retrained by the manufacturers and enthusiasts of their work. We have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse with delivery of the necessary parts within 48 hours.


Updating of hydraulic electrical systems becomes increasingly important on used aerial platforms. The Oxley Platforms, after a quote, replaces your old components with new systems:

  • COLOR DISPLAY – parameter and alarm display
  • GSM / GPRS - remote teleassistance
  • GPS - satellite locator, alarms management
  • REMOTE CONTROL - multiple movements simultaneously
  • CELLOX - load limiter of the cage
  • ANDOX - double safety anti-tipping as per EN280 regulation
  • EVPG - simultaneous proportional hydraulic distributor

Given the importance of these components, widely tested devices are used in the most diverse industrial fields, equipped with the strictest approvals envisaged.


Your safety is important. In collaboration with the VIALE Civil and Industrial Engineering Office of Cuneo, accredited for training in the Piedmont Region, we organize monthly 10-hour courses in line with the new regulations for operators who enable the use of all types of PLE.
Once the theoretical and practical checks have been passed, the operators receive a personal certificate and a license, to be renewed every 5 years.
The courses are held at the Oxley Platforms operating unit within the accredited training room, and in the test area, tests with various types of platforms.
We remind you that, as prescribed by articles 36 and 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08, and already provided for by Legislative Decree 626/94, the employer must ensure adequate training and education. In case of default (art. 34 paragraph 2), Employers and managers are punishable by arrest from 3 to 6 months or subject to a fine from € 2,500.00 to € 6,400.00 (Legislative Decree 81/08 modified art 55 paragraph 1 letter b).


In collaboration with qualified parties, it organizes weekly checks at the authorized workshop for periodic checks of lifting equipment pursuant to art. 71 paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and as amended lifting equipment.
Furthermore, for platforms over 10 years of age, an extraordinary verification is required; will be performed by qualified engineers who will analyse the efficiency of the platform with non-destructive investigations.
At the end of these checks, if positive, the technical report necessary for subsequent periodic verification will be issued.


We are looking for new solutions and developing customer ideas, making it easier to identify the technological innovations at competitive prices that they need to stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving world.


A team of professionals who work in collaboration, guaranteeing the client an integrated consultancy service for both its technical and financial business.

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